The ON/OFF Switch

The ON/OFF Switch

So you don’t need to use the calculator case for awhile? You are worried about pressing the buttons while it is in your pocket? There is a solution built into every case, the ON/OFF Switch. Located on the bottom of the case there is a physical switch that when flipped will turn the case on or off.

When switched to the ON position, it will stay on until it detects no activity for 4 minutes and then it will turn itself off again automatically. You can turn it back on again by pressing the CE button. If you’re finished with the calculator function and want to place your case in your pocket or purse, you should slide the ON/OFF button back to OFF so that you don’t accidently press the CE button while it is in storage and drain the battery.

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  1. jphurd11 June 5, 2013

    Great idea to lock out calculator for your pocket or purse.

  2. Mike October 6, 2014

    Are you going to release calccases for the new iphone 6?

    Is there any chance you could make one that uses RPN? I know there isn’t but I had to ask.


  3. jphurd11 October 8, 2014

    For the iPhone 6 model, we wanted to create a super thin case to match the iPhone 6 thinness. The manufacturer that we are working with is trying to make the circuit board as thin as possible. This has cause the delay with the iPhone 6 model. When we do get that design completed, we will let you know. Thank you for your interest in CalcCases.

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